About Me

I'm a 25 year old professional, living in the lovely south bay area (California).  I've pretty much lived here my whole life, other than the years I spent away at college at Chico State.  I suppose I can tip my hat to CSU Chico for providing me with a lovely experience of frequent drunken stupors and development of poor habits.  I can also credit that place for giving me some of the most fun experiences in my life.  Everyone golf clap now.

I have a younger sister, and Mom constantly cheering for me in my corner.  My Dad passed away last year, but he's still with me in spirit.  We are the typical family, with ups and downs, laughs and tears.  My sister is a health nut, but is still in a transitional phase of attaining her idea of "perfection".  I'm not sure what her goal is, but she's constantly in pursuit of it, so I can't knock her in the slightest.  My Mom lives a relatively healthy lifestyle too.  Since my Dad's passing, we were all kind of jolted into action.  It was a reality check in every sense.

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years, though this is a disputed number.  I'm sure everyone assumes that a fat chick couldn't pull a guy, let alone a hot guy, but that is where they are wrong.  My boyfriend is slightly petite, but has an amazing physique, if I do say so myself.  I guess personality does count for something.  Granted, I was significantly more thin when we first started dating, he has stuck with me in the hardest of times.  He finds me beautiful when I feel my lowest, and is supportive in every way a man should be.

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